Worthys Conservation Volunteers receive prestigious recognition

Conservation At Worthy Down Halt September 2019

Years of active conservation work in and around the old Worthy Down Halt near Kings Worthy by the Worthys Conservation Volunteers has had official recognition, as the grassland around the platform is being proposed as a Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC).

SINCs form a vital component of the biodiversity of Hampshire alongside statutory designated sites such as Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Whilst SSSIs protect the most important wildlife sites in Hampshire, there are many other important nature habitats which also contribute to the ecological network in the county.

To safeguard these special wildlife habitats they are designated SINC status, known nationally as Local Wildlife Sites.

They represent a legacy of good management and rely upon continued stewardship by landowners, and this is certainly true of Worthy Down Halt where the hard work by WCV over the years has made a real difference to the wildlife and flora, and the value and importance of the old station as a legacy for future generations.

The Watercress Way trustees and friends could not be more pleased that WCV work has been recognised in this way, particularly as they themselves have lent their assistance and support on numerous occasions.

Designating a SINC raises awareness of its importance for wildlife particularly with regard to planning and land management decision making.

An article celebrating conservation in The Worthys was published by WCV, describing the magnificent flora and insect life now seen at Worthy Down Halt.

Beautifully illustrated with photographs taken in the area, it is testament to the achievements of Worthys Conservation Volunteers.

For more information about the group, see their web page: http://www.worthysconservationvolunteers.org.uk/index.htm

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