3rd AGM of The Watercress Way

Group photograph of the AGM

Thursday 21 June on the Alresford Drove

The nine trustees were delighted to present their Annual Report after another busy and successful year for the charity. Thank you to the members of the public who attended.

Highlights were:

  • Increased awareness and use of the Watercress Way which is now fully waymarked. In particular, the organised walk at Easton in March was well attended and there is a forthcoming one in Sutton Scotney. Worthy Runners are making extensive use of the paths and 6 members completed the marathon distance of the entire route on our Dusk to Dawn Day in April.
  • The Annual Dawn to Dusk Day in April included a well-attended Dawn Chorus Walk and a visit to the site of Itchen Abbas station which is now in a private garden.
  • Support from the SDNPA in the development of our Strategic Plan and professionally producing it to give greater support for grant applications.
  • The plans to open up the bridge at Sutton Scotney. We have a licence from HCC and are working with Sutton Manor to obtain a licence for their section. After this we can make bids for funding for clearance. This will be in the region of £50 000 and will be our first major project.
  • We will be erecting 3 interpretation boards and 4 benches on the route for which we have already obtained funding.

The Charity currently has funds of £5449.05. However, the majority of these funds are grants specifically for a variety of projects including interpretation boards and benches.

For funding to run the charity and publicise our activities we are reliant on donations by individuals and sponsorship by local businesses. These barely cover the cost of our very popular leaflets and other expenses so we are always looking for support from Friends of the Line and the general public. We are confident that we can raise funds for major projects like Sutton Scotney from the land fill tax and from the Community Infrastructure Levy.
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Mike Collis
Secretary, The Watercress Way

Our Latest News


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The railway bridge at Sutton Scotney which used to lead to Sutton Scotney Station has long been closed and was filled with rubble and rubbish.


Interpretation Board Unveiling Cancelled

On our Dawn to Dusk Day on Sunday April 28th the Trustees of the Watercress Way are delighted that Robert Hall, a local who often walks parts of the trail

The Watercress Way

Dawn to Dusk Day: Sunday April 28th 2019

Free events for all to enjoy and learn more about the Watercress Way, the marathon length circular trail N.E. of Winchester, following old railway lines and historic ancient droves.

Looking at the South Wonston interpretation boards

3 New Interpretation Boards Installed

We are delighted to announce the installation of 3 brand new Interpretation Boards on The Watercress Way.