20 people join trustees for a sunny walk in Sutton Scotney

Sunday 24 June 2018

Sutton Scotney walk

Sutton Scotney walk

This is one of walks organised and guided by one of the trustees to share our knowledge of the Watercress Way, highlighting its history and ecology. Sign up as a Friend of the Line to receive information about future walks.

Walkers were able to see the site of the railway bridge and cutting which is a major project for the charity to open it up for public use.

Who could resist just under 4 miles of rambling through industrial history, globally rare environment, and the beautiful, soft rolling Hampshire countryside on a gorgeous sunny June morning?

Not the 20 people, four dogs, and four trustees of the Watercress Way who succumbed to the lure of these fine things, and embarked on one of the regular guided walks the Charity periodically holds, this one being in and around historic Sutton Scotney.

The walk was led by Trustees Clive Cook and Kim Adams, who were able to provide the group with information and commentary on the disused local railway they were criss-crossing, the beautiful River Dever and its chalk stream natural history (only 200 chalk rivers in the world and 85% are in the South and East of England), the formation of the landscape that the group were walking over, and the flora and fauna that they were lucky enough to see throughout the two hour walk.

Commas and Kites, Buzzards and Bridges, Droves and their Drovers, and the tale of Mr Wickham’s ‘Fancy’, the talk and tales, and sights seen ranged widely.

The sun never stopped shining, the dogs behaved, and all were back in time for either lunch in one of the Charities sponsor pubs, ‘The Coach and Horses’, or to make it home in time for the ‘footy’ (some big tournament was on I believe…..).

Al in all, a lovely morning.

Clive Cook